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What do your students say about YU
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I m Dr. Ashutosh from Nepal, a postgraduate in Orthopedic Surgery at Yangtze University, Jingzhou, Hubei.

The first day I stepped here in this Yangtze University with full of dreams in my eyes, I wanted to become a good orthopedic surgeon. In the beginning days there was a little bit problem to adjust myself with new place, new people, new schedule, but slowly I get habitual of life here. I found people around me very kind and helpful. In the beginning days we all got lots of help from the International Student of Office and they made us very comfortable life here. After I joined to the Central Hospital I found I starts living my dreams. Professors and Doctors of the hospital are very kind and they always seeking to teach us, they all are very supportive in all the aspects. I think I m the lucky one who got s365bet官网在线uch a brilliant tutor at hospital. As learning and practice at hospital every day is bringing me near and near to my dream. We are so many Nepalese students here in Post Graduate and MBBS, so the life is very friendly and supportive here. Students from other countries like Pakistan, Ghana and others are also very friendly and polite. We always greets each other whenever we meet. Different customs and cultures are making our life more colorful.

I m very happy here. Life is so convenient and peaceful. Good environment to study here.

I’m Inomjon Ramatov from Uzbekistan. I’m a student in Yangtze University, my major is Computer science and Information Technology. When I received admission letter from Yangtze University I was very happy because studying in abroad was my dream.

When I decided to study in China I worry about the way of life in China is completely different from my home country and I have hard time to adapt my new study life in China. First days there was a little problem to adjust myself with  new people, new schedule, new place, but slowly I get used to live here. There are a lot of people around me very kind and helpful. International students studying in Yangtze University have many great things to look forward to. Students who love sports will enjoy here, as the Chinese love basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyballand  ping pong.

Living one of the biggest countries, with the largest populations in the world, life in china can be an overwhelming experience for me. In my opinion, being an international student in China, especially in Yangtze University is unforgettable immensely rewarding experience.  

My name is Zeeshan and my Chinese name is 李杉. I belongs to Pakistan. I am an undergraduate student of Yangtze University, about two years ago in 2012, that was a fantastic moment when I received the admission letter from Yangtze University and I saw the happiness in eyes of my parents that moment I will never forget and finally I am here for undergraduate program in the vast field of Electrical Engineering one of the most tremendous thing is the location of Jingzhou city in the terms of weather.

As I love my major Electrical Engineering. I got a lot of experience here in Yangtze university about my major and by also joining the non profit associations like Sports & Entertainment Association. These are initial steps of my life I joined associations in Yangtze University because I love to serve for mankind.Here I have seen the competition of global languages and I started to learn one of the world most interesting and conceptual language Chinese.

One thing I also would like to share that university appreciated me with scholarship in 2013 for my efforts and This is a golden period of my life which I am spending here in Yangtze University.

My name is Mashooque Ali.From Pakistan, province sindh, District ghotki. My major is civil engineering and I'm the topper of civil engineering batch 2012 got two times scholarship in the school of urban construction, Yangtze university, I am really impressed with the study of civil engineering department and the teaching staff of civil engineering. When I came in Yangtze university like every foreigner student I felt  difficult to grasp Chinese language. But later I felt Chinese is the one of the interesting language. Now I am capable to communicate in Chinese.   To talk related about my major.

Now I am efficient to read engineering drawings. I achieved this capability from the school of urban construction. They helped me to gain the engineering practical experiences, I had also gone to some related enterprises to participate in engineering practices at the end of my fourth semester. Now I can fell that the practice effect is evident and very fruitful. Of course it's impossible to have experiences without working.

But I have a lot of practical experiences. In future I am willing to do work in china. Because china is the one of the fastest developing country in the world. In future I expect to make my senses more beautiful in the field of civil engineering infrastructures.

My name is Hina Zahra. I am from Pakistan, my beloved country. I came here in November 2014 for MBBS study. Actually, it was my dream of to become a doctor in the future. As I landed in China, it was the first step towards my dream. Now, I am in second semester.
As I came here I saw a completely new world as compared to my country. With the helping of teachers and students in the school, I start to adapt to it and enjoying it gradually. Although in our class, there are people from different countries, different culture, different languages and different communities, they help each other, laughing and cheering together. School often holds many kinds of sports competitions and entertainments to enrich our school life. The people here are very loving here. I am enjoying a lot here. I hope I will fulfill my dream in this university.

My name is Mimamsa Khatiwada, from Nepal, now I am studying medicine in Yangtez University nearly six months. In this duration, I not only learn professional knowledge in the school but also I have learned a lot about Chinese culture ,dressing and foods, festivals and so on. The welcome with smile that we receive from the local people teaches us the lesson of politeness and rich heart, well furnished areas and equipped halls in this university with different culture exchange shows, have shown its richness in mutual co-operation with other countries.
The international culture exchange program between Nepal and the neighboring country China has allowed many students to fulfill their dream of becoming a medical professional. I’m honor to have opportunity to study in Yangtez University.
“Travel broadens the mind.” Thus my study travel in this university in China and my duration of stay here will broaden and boost my extracurricular social and professional abilities which I will employ to serve for humanity.

My name is Kassimova Gulraba and I am from Kazakhstan. At the moment I study at Yangtze University, under the program of exchange of students, majoring in: “Two foreign languages: English and Chinese”.

Study abroad – the thoughts and hopes of many in our days. It guarantees a stable career, a bright future and friends for life from around the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study abroad, as this is an invaluable experience for a person who studying a language in the target country. While studying in Yangtze University I had a great experience with elements of exciting adventures and many useful skills. Very friendly fellow students and highly qualified teachers is a society which is needed for a student. The University has all conditions for self-learning, sports, leisure time and self-improvement that will not let you get bored. I fully support the student exchange program, because it realizes the dreams and desires of many students who gain new knowledge and experience will make a significant contribution to their profession as I am, for this I am very grateful to Yangtze University and Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University.

My name is Gulmira Dustmamadova am from Tajikistan i came here November2015 . Its my third semester, and I study MMBS to be a doctor it is my dream.I am very happy in china because I make friends with diffirent students from diffirent countries. I have many intenational friend and every time enjoy with them. So I am very happy in YU and also in China.

My name is Muhammad Muaz Bin Nor Hasimi. I'm Asian boy from Malaysia. My major faculty is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. I am an undergraduate in Yangtze University medical school in Jingzhou Hubei province. There are more than one thousand international students from different continents and countries who are friendly and fun socializing with. One moment I very surprise when I reach here then I have known that I’m the only one from my country study at this university. In the beginning days there was a little bit problem to adjust myself with new place, new people, new schedule, new environment, but slowly I get habitual of life here. I found people around me very kind and helpful. From the beginning days we all got lots of help from the International Students Office and they made us very comfortable life here. I have learnt a lot of things both educational and cultural. Chinese people are very friendly and helpful. I really enjoy my study life in Yangtze University. I'm very happy and grateful to study here. Life is so convenient and peaceful.

My name is Farouk Zakariah, and I am a first year medical student of Yangtez University. I arrived here from my country Ghana in November 2014 to fulfill my dreams of becoming a medical doctor, and I have been nothing but astonished and overcome with curiosity on the things that I have learnt. Among all the things, I find quite astonishing and fascinating as well is the learning of the Chinese language. The Chinese culture is also one of the first things I come to love upon, I come here basically because of Chinese people's hospitability and kindness towards foreigners. I came here knowing no one but soon adapted and felt at home thanks to the few Chinese friends I made. I love the university I study in, it's a prestigious institution that has thought me a lot, the teachers are all very punctual and very dedicated to their work, and my friends and colleagues have all been beneficial in making the learning process more fun.

My name is Sarah Mwenya, I'm from Zambian, I'm now a medical student of Yangtez University. One thing that I like about this school is its location in an ancient city. It allows you to feel the Chinese ancient culture and appreciate the scenic spots. Apart from that, I believe Yangtez University offers quality education. It has a selection of helpful and highly professional lectures, making it smooth and easier for students to learn. Despite the tough rules, the International Students Office is awesome, they put the safety and health of students as their first priority. They support the International Students Sports Association to ensure that students enjoy their leisure time.
I love this university, I enjoy my study life in China.

My name is Felix Salvatory Mselle, I am fairly slim and partly tall I am a Tanzanian from Africa .My major faculty is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery . I am an undergraduate in Yangtze University medical school in Jingzhou Hubei province. There are more than one thousand international student from different continent and countries who are friendly and fun socialising with. Since my approach in this university, I have learnt a lot of things both educational and cultural. In china, peace and friendship is the key terms in their culture. Chinese people are very friendly. I really enjoy my study life in Yangtze University because it is an interactive life. I also learnt that, the only way to archive success in life is by THINKING BIG, UNLEASHING MY POTENTIAL FOR EXECELLENCE.

My name is Alfredo Dos santos Caramelo, and I am from Angola. I am a first year student of civil engineering and am studying in Yangtze University. I heard many wonderful things about China's infrastuctural development and I was nothing but overwhelmed when I witnessed it for myself. I saw a building finish in 6 months here in China which back home in Angola would take about one year and I was very impressed. The Chinese language has been a little problem for me,  but now I  know the basics  with the help of my chinese friends, and I can communicate efficiently with fluency.

My name is Quetin Menyie Atangana and I am a first year medical student in Yangtez university. I am from Cameroon in Africa and I left my home to come further my studies here. At first I was a big scare when applying for such a prestigious institution for fear of being rejected, but with luck been on my side, I was granted admission. My school is located in JingZhou city, HuBei province. JingZhou is a very beautiful city. Ancient city wall in JingZhou will let you to feel the strong Chinese culture. When I arrived here in China, everything is strange for me, however the Chinese people are all kind and hospitable, I gradually adapt to this totally different environment. I love the university I study in and also love the teachers and my classmates here because they are all very essential and helpful in my studies. Without them, I would have many difficulties and I thank god for them.

I’m Maxwell from Kampala, Uganda, and a MBBS student in 2015 Fall A in Yangtze University. On arriving in Yangtze University, my main fear was the new environment, but to my surprise is that everyone in the university is warm and friendly . Also at first, learning Chinese is a bit challenge but adventurous, but with the help of the caring teacher, I’m slowly learning Chinese. I can find foods and I am familiar with numerous restaurants around campus now. I can also have rice chicken, meat, noodles, fish and numerous vegetables here. I also tried some Chinese exciting delicacies. The fact that I found other African students from countries like Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Rwanda... and of course fellow Ugandans made me feel at home. With the great facilities and helpful coupled with discipline and commitment, I’ll fulfill my dream of becoming a great doctor from Yangtze University.

Hello, my name is Phumuzile Myranda Ndimande. I am Zimbabwean and I am currently studying MBBS at Yangtze University. I arrived at Yangtze University in October and I am enjoying my stay as well as my studies. The Chinese people are very kind and I am slowly getting used to the culture, types of food and weather and most importantly I am excited to start building my career here. I have learnt a lot about Chinese culture, and am eager to try Chinese dishes that always have a mouth- watering aroma. I am attending a Chinese class and hope on completion of my first year I’ll be speaking Chinese fluently.

I’m John Peter and my motherland is Rwanda, I’m an undergraduate student in Yangtze University. I arrived in Yangtze University on 15th October 2015 with the dreams of becoming a doctor.  I’m in MBBS major, in this university which is located in Jingzhou city, Hubei province, China. The first day I arrived here I was with my friends, also from Rwanda, and we were welcomed by International student office which made our stay very comfortable here. In fact, life here in Yangtze is good with my friends from different countries, like Ghana, Cameroun, Zimbabwe, Guinea and so on. I have a hope that my goals will be achieved with the help of this university. Even though the climate here is very different from our country’s, I know that by the will of God  everything will be fine during my stay in China. In addition, I am trying all my best in my lessons  so that I can get a scholarship next year which is provided for excellent international students.

My name is Bubele Mgudlwa. I am from South Africa. I am a first year medical student. From a very young age I have always been fascinated by the human body.It is such a beautiful work of art. I just love everything about it.

When I got the opportunity to travel to China to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor , I grabbed it with both hands. Yangtze University is an ideal place for studying and meeting new people.This place is just so beautiful...it is a place to be.

I just love everything here ,more especially the architecture, the Chinese language and the food.The most exciting part for me is interacting with students from all over the globe.Learning different languages and different cultures. I am enjoying every moment here so far .I just hope and pray to God that everything will go well during my stay here.


My name is Evi Lydia Ndeshipanda Ben, I am a 19 year old girl from Namibia. Growing up as a child with big dreams, I always wanted to be a doctor, there was nothing more I wanted than that; but that’s not all I wanted I also wanted to do my studying abroad, specifically in China. That was one of my main aims in life which right now I reached.

My time here at Yangtze University has been wonderful to say the least. Although there is a massive culture shock the university has done its very best to yield me from the full force of the blow, subsequently making the first time experience rather exciting. From my arrival here they have worked hard to make me feel comfortable and feel more welcoming, they taught me how things are done around campus, where to go when I need something or have some problems. As the days passed, I started meeting new people increasingly every single day, everyday I would meet a person from some different country which was interesting but it was quite awkward how I haven’t seen any other Namibian here.

Adding up my stay here in tumultuous and amazing. Yangtze University turned out to be my dream university and I look forward to more incredible experiences and hopefully, to also seeing more Namibians here in the near future.

My name is Chuttama Promwachara and I'm from Thailand. I've been here since September and my major is Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. I'm on the first semester. Studying aboard is a big challenge, but the environment here make the experience enjoyable.

The campus here is very peaceful. By walking around you can see a beautiful scenery filled with trees and building.There are also many beautiful architectures near the campus. Learning Chinese culture and language is very exciting.

I’ve also got the chance to learned many different cultures from students from different countries.

My name is Grace Sensia Claudiah Edowai. I am from Indonesia,Papua. I came here in October,2016. I am a first year medical student in Yangtze University. Yangtze University is located in Jingzhou City, Hubei province, China. The first day I arrive here, I was with my friends(20 people) also from Indonesia, Papua. They were so kind. It was nice to meet them. Chinese people are very kind. They have many types of food. You can use choose what you want which make us happy and comfortable. I hope all of us will speak Chinese fluently as soon as possible.

My name is Gadisa Musa, I am from Ethiopia and I am studying MBBS in Yangtze University. I arrived in 13th september 2016 with my friends, and i was feeling excited about coming here to study medicine which is my childhood dream since I can remember and i consider myself lucky for being in China.

During my stay I found everyone around me kind and sociable, it did not took me so long to get familiar with the new environment, specially senior Ethiopian students helped me and my friends so much, the teachers and members of the campus are also very helpful.

Studying in China is one of the best thing that happened to me and I am happy to be here.

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